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Paul has a wide ranging knowledge of international legal matters, trade and migration law etc. I worked in a large firm with Paul several years ago and we have kept in touch over many years. We met in Melbourne not very long ago (last Christmas). I know that we are able to call upon one another, in relation to our respective fields of specialisation, at any time, for the benefit of the clients.

15th July, 2016


Dear Paul,

Thank you for your legal support on my 3-year exclusion’s wavier and visa extension’s issue for the last couple weeks. To be frank, I would not be able to travel back to Australia to complete my bachelor study without your advice and support, I really appreciate your kind assistance.

I would like to wish you all the best at work!

Kindest regards,

S (Student from HK)

23rd May, 2013


I have known Paul Bernadou for over 40 years, since we were at Law School at Melbourne University together. I have acted for Paul as a solicitor and for clients he has referred to me over the years. We have also worked together on various projects over the years. I know Paul to be highly intelligent, scrupulously honest, diligent, reliable and a loyal friend.

Paul has been a practising lawyer, an academic, a restaurateur, entrepreneur and a company director in Australia and since moving to Hong Kong, with the able assistance of his wife Carol, he has established a highly successful migration business. In all of these pursuits he has earned the respect of those he has worked with and for.

I am proud to call him my friend and have no hesitation in vouching for his unimpeachable character, intelligence and loyalty.

There are not many people I have known for as long as I have known Paul of whom I can say the same.

Yours faithfully

B (Australian lawyer)

11th November, 2008

Dear Paul

I thought that I would write to you to thank you for all your excellent work on my behalf in relation to my successful application under the QLD Investor Programme. It was a very long, arduous and complex process and I am grateful to you for your professional handling of the case. Many of the issues raised were worthy of legal input and you dealt with them yourself time and time again on the basis of your intricate knowledge of Australian migration procedures.

I am sure that there are very few migration consultants who would have committed the time and effort that you did in relation to this application.

I will be very happy in recommending your migration services to anyone who requires a professional, courteous and wholly committed migration consultant.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

P (from the UK)



Dear Paul

Just a quick note to thank you for all your excellent work on behalf of my Western Australia Business Migration application – I am extremely grateful.

As I explained when I first came to see you, I was beginning to despair of ever preparing a successful application as I could not make head or tail of the rules and regulations.

However, I was immediately reassured by your rapid grasp of the intricacies and peculiarities of my situation and your assurances that the Business Migration Visa process wasn’t as daunting as it appeared.

The calm, clear and concise way in which you laid out the migration process requirements and stages was immensely comforting to both myself and Sandra.

We were also both tremendously impressed by the amount of time you were willing to devote to answering our often trivial queries – way above and beyond the call of duty.

I am sure that there are very few – if any – migration consultants in Hong Kong who commit the time and effort to your clients as you do.

I will have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending your services to anyone who requires an experienced, professional and committed migration consultant.

Once again, many, many thanks for all your help.

Best regards


29th February, 2008


Dear Mr. Bernadou and Ms. Chu,

I am Edward Z, one of your clients in 2002, I am writing this letter to thank you for your help. And I would also like to thank you for the information and suggestion you provided which I have found very informative and useful for my living in a foreign country.

With your professional services and assistance, I successfully obtained a student visa of Australia in 2002, and started my high school study in the Pittwater House. This is one of the quality high schools in Sydney, the educational service that the school provides is high-grade, and its environment and teaching style are suitable for international students. In 2006, I successfully became a student of the University of New South Wales, which is one of the top 5 universities in Australia!

And now, I am major in Economics and Finance, I can see my near future is bright. I believe that without you, I cannot be a student of an Australian university and I cannot have so many opportunities. So again, thank you very much!

Best regards


25th March, 2008


Dear Paul, I write this letter on behalf of my lovely wife T our son Ja and yours truly, L. To be perfectly honest I am not sure where to start, none the less I will take you down memory lane when we first contacted you from Beijing. Your advertisement caught my eye and we decided to talk to this “so called agent.” From then on time has flown so quickly that we have enjoyed doing business with you.

Paul, with glassy eyes and a heart filled with immense joy I can only quietly shout “YES” we made it. We have made the first step into a new county that we longed for; not only for ourselves but also for our beloved son, so that he can hopefully have some quality in his life unlike many others. He might not realise it today as he is too small, however one day we hope he will.

Paul, I started off by saying “so called agent: because we were ripped off USD $1000 by one in …., hence once bitten twice shy. This however “so called agent” has been the wonder agent we would like to tell everyone and we will do so in our various conversations with our friends etc. The professional manner in which you have conducted yourself, the persistence of not giving up, the thinking outside the box and most importantly the caring attitude in which you have treated us goes way beyond our expectations and imagination ie: coming from a “so called agent.” We realised this after we were turned down with our first application. We feel you have “raised the bar” to the meaning of a migration agent and sincerely hope many others follow suit. A very special mention about your wife Carol who only complements your work ethics and the “TLC” you’ll give to your clients. Carol in her own way has either taken “off” the heat or given us a new meaning to trying till one succeeds. It is obvious both of you make a good pair and we this grows till eternity.

I have attached a copy of our passports and the visa which is stamped on them. We hope to make out first entry into Australia in …. and not too sure when we will move our home to Melbourne. But for sure before the deadline.

I hope we can keep in touch with you wherever you and Carol are as we would very much like to do so. Our email address is as follows and should this change we will keep you posted. Do let us know of any changes in your address and if we can be of any assistance it will only be a pleasure.

Once again on behalf of all of us we would like to thank both of you for all the hard work and with putting up with us for the past few years.

Warmest regards,

L, T & J